Benjamin Mendy, Man City statistician, was seized from an uninsured car

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Man City might be having a brilliant time on the field right now, but Benjamin Mendy has also been running into trouble with alarming regularity for the past few months.

He has been accused of breaking the lockdown and sending girls from abroad, but now Sun. You have indicated that you are having trouble driving your car without insurance.

It is suggested that he was unable to produce documentation to show that his £ 475k Lamborghini was properly insured, so it was seized, while he was also fined around £ 1k for the infringement, but you have to think that that will have little impact on he.

He also received six points on his license, but it looks like he’ll be able to keep driving if he gets some insurance, so the supercar that apparently only has 900 models in circulation won’t go to waste.

He has had his problems with injuries in recent years and that has greatly restricted his appearances for the Man City team, while Zinchenko and Cancelo have played regularly as left-back, so this latest incident is unlikely to do so. want for Pep Guardiola at this time.

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