Barcelona should have sold Messi and fought for January wages

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It has been clear for a while that Barcelona has had to bear a really terrible president in Josep Maria Bartomeu, but the Covid-19 situation has made things worse.

He has overseen a regime that has effectively blocked the route between Team B and the first team, while they have thrown dazzling amounts of money at Coutinho, Griezmann and Dembélé in a desperate attempt to keep up with Real Madrid.

Everything came to a head in the summer when it seemed that Lionel Messi would finally leave the club, but it seems that Barça will have no choice but to let him go due to his financial situation:

Carles Tusquets is the interim president of Barça, and the main conclusion from this is that the club cannot pay its players in January, while also saying that it would have sold Messi in the summer to help with the financial situation.

He goes on to say that the financial situation is worrying and lousy, so it really looks like Barcelona is going to be in serious trouble unless they can somehow find someone who will inject a lot of money into the club.

This suggests that the money will simply not be available to retain Messi unless he signs a contract favorable to the team, so the outcome of the presidential election could be huge for his future.

You also have to think that he is exaggerating the situation of the club a bit when it comes to salaries because the players will seek to leave and La Liga may also have to get involved.

It is clear that the situation at the Camp Nou is bleak, but it seems that all the details are not yet known.

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