Barcelona reopens its break with Lionel Messi

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Barcelona has really turned into a PR disaster of late, and even the club’s interim president couldn’t help but stick a foot in his mouth this week.

As soon as Josep Maria Bartomeu left, Carles Tusquets has been circling some cages, despite the fact that he has no other power than to help smooth the transition until the new board is elected on January 24.

According to RAC1 quoted by Sun.Tusquets has reopened the club’s rift with Lionel Messi, after suggesting that the Argentine should have been sold in the summer to help ease the club’s crippling debts.

Alarmingly, he also pointed out that Neymar could only return to the club for free, and that part of the Camp Nou was also falling.

“That [selling Messi] it would have been desirable for the money we would have received, and for what we would have saved, ”he said.

‘If he [Neymar] It comes for free, unless the next president brings a miracle.

“There is a part of the Camp Nou structure that is falling down. Pieces have fallen from the ceiling in a gate of the stadium.

“The economic situation is worrying. Terrible but hopeful.

“When the stadium opens we will enter 220 million without doing anything, 320 million thanks to the sponsors. Meanwhile, the expense accountant does not stand still. The situation is horrible. “

Sun. They also say that Manchester City are preparing a deal to tempt Messi to leave at the end of this season, which is when his contract expires.

If it happened, it would allow Pep Guardiola to enjoy a final reunion with the player he helped make the best in the world.

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