Barcelona fans react to Ousmane Dembélé vs PSG

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There are a few different Barcelona players who could take the blame for their humiliating loss to PSG tonight, but it is the whole team that is fighting, so it would be unfair to single out anyone.

They didn’t look like they believed they would score when they pushed forward and were wide open at the back when the Parisians broke up, but that had to happen in the final 20 minutes as they pushed back into play.

Kylian Mbappé was unplayable and you have to feel sorry for Sergino Dest, who used to be left alone to deal with him when he advanced, so you have to take into account the lack of defensive coverage.

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Ousmane Dembele was often caught high up in the field and he wasn’t exactly flustered to come back and help his man every time, while also missing a great opportunity in the first half that could have put Barcelona in control.

It still has its moments, but it doesn’t seem like someone Barça can trust at the moment, so you have to wonder if they will sell it as part of the inevitable rebuilding of the summer.

Fans are understandably furious after tonight’s result and are on the hunt for scapegoats, and Dembele isn’t getting much praise for his performance tonight:

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