Barcelona confirm the return of Gerard Piqué to PSG

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There has been a clear shift at the top of European football as PSG enter their Champions League clash as an overwhelming favorite against Barcelona.

Barça have been poor at times this season and it always seems to be a case of two steps forward and one back, but they still cannot be ruled out.

They may have more hope after Neymar suffered his usual injury in February, and they have also confirmed that Gerard Piqué has returned from a long-term injury in time to play the match:

His pace has largely gone so it won’t be of any use if he is isolated against players like Mbappé, but his experience and quality at the rear is really necessary right now after several injuries and the poor form of his teammates. team.

Neymar could still return for the second leg and they will love having opportunities at home, so Barça must win tonight and keep the pressure on the rear, so the return of Piqué could be vital in helping them achieve it.

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