Baby Einstein Water, Water Everywhere Bath Book

Baby Einstein Water, Water Everywhere Bath Book

A bath book sounds very exciting. As the child enjoys being in the bathtub being bathed, it can move hands and wash the book, read the writings if able but at a very young age, the child will be entertained by the poems and the sounds of the kit and enjoy the bathing process. It can be used by children as young as six months to the first kindergarten years. The book is illustrated in full color and it has nice covers and pages that cannot rub off in water nor get torn so easily.

Baby Einstein Water, Water Everywhere Bath Book

This is made possible through the use of PVC material that is waterproof and therefore gives maximum fun in the water. The good idea is that the book does not have to be used only when bathing. It can entertain the child at bedtime through the tunes or be read like a storybook to soothe it or woo it to sleep.

Many parents are familiar with situations where the child grabs a book just end up tearing the pages of your favorite magazine or the most expensive book. Having the Baby Einstein Bath Book eases the problem. The child will grab its book that is so strong and durable and keep turning its pages, an idea that will entertain the child instead.

The bath book has ten pages all beautifully illustrated. Smiling faces that keep your baby happy coupled with the poetic sounds are very informative to the child and they promote memory. As they keep recording all the words in the brain, their capacity to remember things is boosted and it serves to benefit them for ages even after they begin school.

Better still, the book has properties the hands of the young angels will find delight. The book can be squeezed and it softly responds as well as float on the water when released. The child would definitely love these ordeals as it bathes.

Gathering from the reviews, many parents love it but a few have reservations. As you make an informed choice, it is good to notice that the book is made of PVC, Poly Vinyl Chloride and this means it emits some smell. Not all people react to it but there are those who do. The product has however won the accolade for being the most unique from Disney, winning many awards, even a distinction.

The bath book is as presented a wonderful toy and informative book as well as an entertainer. Children love the book and gather lots of information from it. by the time they begin school, they can mention water sources and name colors, even sing and recite poems learned from the bath book.

Parents do well to observe and guide the children and help them learn, not just play and that is all. Teething babies will find it nice and soft to bite and soothe the gums but most parents who have reservations would not allow their children to do so due to the perception of PVC they have. The book is available in stores, very affordable.

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