When you see the word delight, you look further. It is a feeling we all like having. A nest is a warm place to hide from harsh elements of weather but to a child, it is a warm holder that keeps them dozing off the hands of the mother. It is a great relaxing area that children will love and adults will keep wishing they had larger sizes although the hectic life may not even allow them to make use of it! This is a great designer item that is meant to keep the child as warm as it used to be inside the womb. Classic tunes adapted to the child by Pedia sleep website will keep the child lulled, slowly carried away in sleep to give the new mother a rest.


It comes with a soft mesh liner that has been made for a new born child. Air flow is at a maximum with its design and it keeps off excess heat during the day, making optimum conditions for the baby to stay in. with a designer Led light, the mother is in a position to monitor the child on its Delight Snuggle nest without having to leave her rest area all the time.

Sleep keeps the baby on the right track of development. To keep warm, there is a quilted cover to place over the baby while the mesh therein allows air passage. Proper aeration will keep the child safe and healthy too. Helping the baby sleep soundly as this nest does will have a positive bearing on the baby’s health and development.


The walls of the Delight Nest are sturdy, keeping your child in place. A normal child will use it for around four months or up to the time, the mother will see a need to change. Volume can be adapted to the child from a low level of one in the first few days and then to two, three, and so on as they adapt to the world on music and sounds.

They will enjoy recording songs in their brain without knowing it, only memories will unfold later in life. It is a great way to kick start your child’s life outside the womb for some months before they qualify to move to the giant crib.

The size of the nest is just perfect! A child needs to be held tight, close to the arms, and kept warm near the bosom. Although this nest takes the child from the bosom literally, it provides the warmth and keeps the baby closely held, making it feel as though it is in the mother’s arms and allowing it to sleep soundly.

Since it is light in weight and fits into a bag, it can be taken along whenever the family is traveling or having a day out. The child will have its usual environment when it comes to nap time and it will, therefore, sleep uninterrupted by the new conditions. Parents need that security and attachment for the little ones.

There are many colors to choose from for either gender, from soft pink and white to blue for boys and other colors. It has won the hearts of mothers and it will suit your baby too!

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