Aspen Combo Tower Dresser

Aspen Combo Tower Dresser on Sale

Beautiful storage at home is always a plus. I behold this best stylish Combo Tower Dresser. With an arc style and a door, the choice is so irresistible. It is a chest drawer that has three drawers and it is easy to assemble once shipped. This allows for easy movement even when the family has to relocate and the furniture has to stay intact. Aside from the three drawers, we have a door that opens to a stretched vertical storage that will serve to hold the longer items such as baby shampoo and the air fresheners. The toys can have their drawer while the clothes, bedding and other items occupy a drawer each.

Aspen Combo Tower Dresser

The good thing about the cabinet is the neatness is brought home. With all the room in the large-sized drawers, the clothes and toys that would otherwise need to be stored and removed inboxes every now and then is ruled out. Clutter is left out of the room and it remains well organized for the baby, safe and healthy to stay in. the drawers have s smooth glide but to stop them from falling, they have a stop mechanism at the bottom of each drawer.

It has round wooden pulls that do not become have affected by the extreme weather whether hot or cold. The wood finish is natural and beautiful, matching the drapes and wall colors. It has a touch of class with a wonderful finish, a nontoxic one with no paint but vanishes instead. It is tip-resistant and that keeps it looking new longer. Durability is out of the question seeing that it has been made from treated wood.

Aspen Combo Tower Dresser

Combo Tower Dresser Features

This wooden storage is really spacious. It has 50 inches in length, 17.5 wide and 40.5 inches high. That provides ample room for room storage. If each room has such a dresser, space will be properly utilized, leaving enough room for aeration of the house. Its beauty is greatly desired and most purchasers have found it a nice item to have in the house. Perfect smoothness with the right size and color adorns the rooms. 

 Assembling it takes a short time and it is ready for use. Stability is out of the question. It has nice wooden stands that we shall call legs, strong ones that will carry the weight of the contents as the elephant naturally carries its pair of tusks.

The reviews as eye-openers give both sides of a story. Purchasers vary, yes but most have expressed confidence in the design of the dresser and its make. The color of the wood is great, naturally matching the baby cribs. It is lovely once assembled but a few found the assembling in a bit time-consuming.

Giving your child the best cannot compare to a day of giving yourself to them for their comfort! It is a great product, a designer one that they will be glad to have. It will serve them for years and you can never regret having bought it. Wood lives long, a better reason to have it serve your children till they leave home.

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