Arsene Wenger points angry finger at Liverpool star he accuses of ‘cheating’

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Inter Milan may feel tough in their Champions League exit against Liverpool, with Arsene Wenger accusing a Reds star of making the most of an injury and turning developments in Merseysider’s favor.

After building a 2-0 lead at the San Siro, Liverpool overcame a couple of early nerves and a stunning blow from Lautaro Martinez to secure a last-eight spot at Anfield. You can see ours Player ratings from the game right here

But Martinez’s fantastic strike briefly raised fears that Liverpool could surrender their advantage.

As it was, another yellow card, carried by Alexis Sanchez, barely 90 seconds later, turned the shot back in Liverpool’s favor.

The Chilean, who was back on English soil for the first time since leaving Manchester United, was warned in extra time at the end of the first half.

And he received his marching orders in the 63rd minute after throwing himself after the ball and catching Fabinho with the follow-up.

Although there was no doubt that Alexis made contact with the Brazilian, Wenger felt that the Liverpool man got the most out of it.

In fact, the former Arsenal boss did not hide from his assessment Fabinho was in fact infidelity.

Fabinho ‘very clever’

“He ran on the border between cheating and being smart,” Wenger said bein sport, as quoted by Subway. “Fabinho on this mistake, he was on the other side, he cheated, he made more out of it.

“Maybe he was in pain and he was touched by Sanchez. You can not say it was completely false. But maybe he could have gotten up faster.

“It’s one of those mistakes … when it’s one of your players, you say it’s smart.

“When one is completely neutral as we should be, one would say he could have made less out of it. But he touched him well, you can not say that he forged it.

“But he did not want to hurt him, he played the ball first.”

Rio Ferdinand feels Liverpool were lucky

Rio Ferdinand meanwhile told BT Sport that he felt the red card was tough and claims that Sanchez won the ball first.

“I think he won the ball. Are you telling me he should not go to win that ball?” Ferdinand asked.

“It’s silly that he gave the referee the opportunity to make a decision. But I still think it’s hard to give a yellow card. It’s a mistake in today’s match but I think it’s hard to give a yellow card. ”

Talking to BT Sport after the match Jurgen Klopp said: “The difficulties we had were pretty close to what I expected. Inter are a really, really good team, set up for that kind of matches.

“Without playing brilliantly, we had clear chances. Over the two legs, it’s just fine that they won one and we went through. We could have done better against an opponent who makes life uncomfortable.

“It was a really interesting match. In the end, we lost the match, which is obviously not cool. We did not come here to lose a home game.

“The opponent gave us problems, but if we had used our chances, we would win this match. We lost a lot of simple balls, which can happen, and when the ball was in the air it was like slapstick with the wind.

“The counter-pressure was not really there. We were around challenges, but not in challenges, and we did not gain momentum, that was what we lacked.

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