Arsenal fans react to Mikel Arteta after Spurs defeat

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It is often said that the team with the best players will win a game, but today we also saw the difference that an excellent coach can make.

Spurs probably have the best team overall, but both teams are pretty even on paper, but you can see that José Mourinho has built a team that knows how to get a result.

Everything the Spurs did had a purpose and everyone knew where their teammate would be at all times, while Arsenal took a more scattered approach and the lack of a plan was painfully obvious.

Every time they receive the ball there is a delay of one or two seconds while the ball carrier tries to figure out what run his teammate is going to make, but that is enough to allow the opposition to return to their form and deny him space.

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Mikel Arteta has to take most of the blame for that and it’s surprising to see him because he was given so much credit for the way he organized the team when he first arrived, so something went wrong somewhere.

They never really seemed to beat the Spurs today and it’s understandable that fans are hacked, while you really have to wonder if Arteta’s job might be at stake sometime soon:

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