‘Arsenal are back and hunting Liverpool!’ – Merson in jovial humor as confidence returns to Gunners

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A man who has criticized Mikel Arteta’s team this season is delighted to see back-to-back victories regain some confidence at the Emirates Stadium.

Paul Merson has had no qualms about expressing his disappointment at Arsenal’s shows in 2020-21, but back-to-back victories have the former Gunners star joking that Mikel Arteta’s team is “back” and “hunting Liverpool. “.

Those from North London have endured a test opening for the last Premier League campaign.

Arsenal had their worst start to the season since 1974-75, with awkward questions about Arteta and his lack of senior management experience.

However, the tide began to turn during the festive period, with the Gunners racking up morale-boosting victories over Chelsea and Brighton.

Those at Emirates Stadium cannot claim to be fully recovered, as Arteta and company still have a lot of work to do, but they are moving in the right direction again.

Merson is looking to get some encouragement from that, and the former Gunners midfielder is seeing confidence return to a team that has been alarmingly short of that quality this span.

Arsenal now have two wins on the rebound, how many are against Liverpool? They can catch them! “Merson said in the Daily star.

“They are back. If they win against West Brom, they will be hunting Liverpool!

“I’m kidding, of course I am, but I’m happy to see them win again.

“They needed a bit of luck and they got it against Chelsea with the penalty and then Mikel Arteta put some young men with legs.

“Sometimes when you bring players in, they have something to prove and they want to do it for the club.

“I am very happy that Arteta sees them achieve those victories over Chelsea and Brighton.

You don’t become a bad coach overnight any more than you become a bad player overnight.

“What you can do is lose confidence. A player can lose confidence and a coach can lose it too. They seem to have gotten it back now. “

Arsenal will have a shot at three rebound victories when they take a trip to West Brom on Saturday night.

Victory at The Hawthorns, in their first outing of 2021, would lift the Gunners above Leeds and they would once again be just a short distance from the top half of the table.


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