Antonio Brown burns another bridge, aiming at Tom Brady

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Antonio Brown has burned the Tom Brady Bridge with what he said on a podcast Friday.

The Antonio Brown saga is getting sadder and sadder day by day as he does his very best to burn his bridge along with his longtime supporter, Tom Brady.

The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New England Patriots were reportedly very close before going to hell in a hand basket on Sunday afternoon at MetLife for the whole world to see. Brown has been released by the Buccaneers and will probably never play another snap in the NFL. For those who choose to vote for him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, do so at their own discretion.

Here, Brown basically says that he and Brady are no longer friends.

“To me, a friend is someone who has your back,” Brown said on the Full Send Podcast Friday. “Not everyone in sports wants to be your friends. Tom Brady is my friend, why? Because I’m a good football player. He needs me to play football. People have different meanings of what friendship is.”

Antonio Brown goes to the scorched earth Armageddon to burn his Tom Brady bridge

“You can’t really expect anyone to be your friend in the football industry,” Brown said. “In the football industry, our business wins. Brady and I like to win. We have that in common. It’s what makes me want to be around him, it makes us tease, it makes us amazing. I are out here and get proof-it-contracts, you say you’re my friend, I should not play on that type of deal when I came here, and we won a Super Bowl. “

In the end, no one will take Brown’s page over this. He made a complete mockery of the game of football with his lavish theaters at MetLife. It was more sad than an overweight fan stroking onto the pitch in a blowout match. Brown may have an injured ankle, but he does it in the absolute worst possible way. He does not care about his bad reputation.

Although there are people out there who claim that Brown needs help, he also needs to treat people better. Nothing he has done over the last decade leads us to any indication that he is an excellent human being. Actions say more than words. Although he’s comfortable enough to rip Brady off on a podcast, everyone knows Brown’s career was over before Brady tried to save him from himself.

Why would Brady at this point admit that he is friends with Brown? There is nothing to gain.

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