Andrea Pirlo enraged after Cristiano Ronaldo denied the penalty at the end of Juventus’ loss to Porto

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Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo said the referee in Wednesday’s 2-1 loss to Porto did not have the “guts” to review the decision not to award Cristiano Ronaldo a penalty at the end of the game.

Ronaldo went to the ground with just 30 seconds remaining in injury time during a challenge from Zaidu Sanusi, but the referee rejected his protest and finally blew the final whistle without stopping to review the challenge with the VAR.

Juventus players went to the referee after the match to ask why the decision was not reviewed, and Pirlo told the media after the match that the referee claimed that he could not review the decision because the final whistle had blown.

“Clear penalty to Cristiano,” he said (via Tuttosport). “I asked the referee, he said the game was over and there was no need to go watch the replay. I think even after the game, you should have the guts to go watch it.”

This is not the first time this season that we have seen a drama like this. Back in a meeting with Brighton in September, Manchester United received a penalty after the full-time whistle after the VAR detected a handball in need of review.

Chris kavanagh
United received a penalty in similar circumstances | Pool / Getty Images

It all adds to the frustrations towards the VAR, and Pirlo expressed his disappointment at a decision that could prove costly for his side, but the boss also confessed that Sky sports that his side shouldn’t have been put in that kind of position anyway.

“I speak for myself and for tonight’s game, we had prepared it well and in a different way than it was,” he said. “It wasn’t the attitude we wanted, but when you score goals later, it becomes more difficult.

“We knew the games would end well and we put him on a silver platter. We had prepared the game to attack from deep with both forwards, but when you touch the ball too many times you lose momentum.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo was enraged by the decision | Quality Sports Images / Getty Images

“The movement of the ball was very slow and we didn’t really know what situations were being created. This was a bit of the problem. And when you play against 11 players who line up behind the ball line, everything becomes more difficult.” This was the game. It’s a shame, because we could have done better. “

Juventus now face a second knockout elimination from the Champions League in consecutive seasons and must overcome a 2-1 deficit when the two teams meet in Turin on March 9 to avoid another humiliation.

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