‘Alexander-Arnold faces same problem as Salah and looks fried’ – Liverpool defender still best right-back, says McAteer

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The former Reds midfielder believes an academy graduate seeking form at Anfield remains England’s first choice in his chosen position.

Trent Alexander-Arnold faces the kinds of criticism that have been leveled at Mohamed Salah in the past, says Jason McAteer, and the former Liverpool man claims that while the 22-year-old’s brain “looks fried,” it still is. England’s best player on the right. ” back “.

Having been a regular for the club and country since he burst onto the scene in his teens, the demands of top-level competition have started to catch up with an Anfield academy graduate of late.

So high have been the standards that he has set in his career to date that any drops will be analyzed in detail.

Questions are being asked about Alexander-Arnold’s contribution to the Liverpool cause for the first time, and it is suggested that he may need a break to recharge his batteries and return.

McAteer admits that the highly-skilled defender looks a bit lost at the moment, but he’s not about to begin to doubt the overall ability of a man who has starred in a dominant Reds team in recent years.

“Even though Trent Alexander-Arnold has had a bit of difficulty this season, he is still the best right-back in England,” said former Liverpool midfielder McAteer. FreeSuperTips.

“However, today there is no such thing as the ‘perfect right back’. Years ago, his right-back was a defensive player who was there to protect the four defenders, he was there to help the winger and from time to time he advanced. However, the modern right-back is practically a winger.

“Trent’s best qualities are when he advances. His crossover and physical form are sublime, but defensively there are question marks on him.

As a coach, you have to decide if you want this defensive player on your side or someone who is more offensive, which is what Klopp wants and that is why Trent is a perfect fit. For Gareth Southgate, it depends on what he wants for each game and who best fits the position against each opponent.

“There have been games this season where he lacked quality, which is surprising given how high he has set his own performance bar. But when you are in the media spotlight playing for Liverpool and you don’t reach the level of performance you previously had, you will be scrutinized.

“He’s similar to Mohamed Salah in his first season where he scored so many goals, when he didn’t equalize next season, people said he was finished, when in hindsight his stats are just phenomenal.

“What Liverpool have done with Klopp in recent seasons is brilliant, and there will surely be a falling point somewhere.

“When a player is a little older and more in his career, you can handle it better, but with Trent, he is young, he plays football at the highest level and he plays every week. It’s a lot of mental pressure for a young player. He looks mentally and physically exhausted, and his brain looks fried.

“Despite this, you still have to play with him in the game against Manchester United. It is the most important game of the season in the Premier League, so the players do not get tired of preparing it. If Klopp wants him to rest some games, he does it after the game with United.

Defending Premier League champions Liverpool will host United’s old adversaries on Sunday, and that match at Anfield will take place with the resurgent Red Devils who have moved to the top of the table.


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