Agents’ comments confirm Tottenham boss is right about Bale

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Sports agent Jonathan Barnett has rarely been shy about sharing his thoughts on his former client Gareth Bale.

Was back for the Financial Times Business of Football eventbut this time he might as well have put his foot in it.

Bale has failed to make an impact on Spurs since returning to the club on loan from Real Madrid last September.

His efforts have enraged José Mourinho, and the Spurs coach makes no secret of how unhappy he is with Bale.

The last situation undoubtedly reflects the fall from grace of the Welshman at Madrid with Zinedine Zidane.

Both bosses have been criticized for their handling of Bale, but Barnett’s latest comments have confirmed where the problem lies.

When asked why Bale didn’t play regularly for the Spurs, Barnett said it was because he’s “toward the end of his career” and that people should “ask Mourinho” what the problem is.

However, it was Barnett’s subsequent comments about his client that were the most illuminating.

“When they say, ‘What happened to him?’ – He has won more trophies abroad than any British player in history, ”said Barnett.

“He has done very well financially and has enough money for the rest of his life. He has a very good lifestyle, so that’s what happened to him. “

There you have it, Spurs fans: Bale is “towards the end of his career” and “has enough money for the rest of his life.”

Or, to put it more precisely, Bale thinks he’s done it all, he’s absolutely loaded, and can’t be bothered to make a team shift.

Mourinho will clearly be delighted to see Bale’s back, and is fully justified in feeling that way.

As Barnett has effectively confirmed that Bale cannot be bothered anymore, it is unlikely that Zidane will roll out the red carpet when he returns to Madrid.

Given that most soccer fans would give their right arm to be a professional player, Bale’s attitude sucks.

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