Adrian Peterson has a fun free take on Najee Harris

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Adrian Peterson is a fan of Najee Harris, but the NFL legend had a strange way of complimenting the Steelers for the second year in a row.

Najee Harris thrived in his first season with the Pittsburgh Steelers, especially when you consider the factors he had working against him. He played behind a substandard offensive line with a quarterback well past his prime in Ben Roethlisberger and still put up a 1,200-yard rushing season and was a massive receiving threat out of the backfield.

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Now with a revamped quarterback room, Harris figures to be the focal point of the Steelers offense in the 2022 season, and many expect big things from the 2021 first-round pick out of Alabama.

NFL legend Adrian Peterson is included in it, it seems. However, he had a funny way of complimenting the rising young star in Pittsburgh.

Adrian Peterson on Najee Harris: ‘Golly, this kid is fat’

Speaking of Harris, Peterson said he couldn’t help but be impressed watching him, expressing it by saying, “I’m like, ‘Golly, this kid is fat… And the big quads.”

Peterson knows a thing or two about successful big-thighed NFL running backs as a multiple-c thicc boi in his own right. But even he has to marvel at the bulk of Harris, who clocks in at the same 6-foot-1 that All Day did in his prime but does so at about 20 pounds or so heavier.

Although it was expressed in an unconventional way, it’s easy to see where Peterson is coming from. Najee Harris looks to be one of the next superstars at the position, and it’s hard not to be impressed watching him at work.

Now if only the Steelers would go about putting him in the best position to succeed…

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