Adidas unveils a new re-release of the Predator Accelerator

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Once again, adidas re-releases the legendary Predator Accelerator. This time, it is with a Hyperlative color that comes in the continuity of the range of “classic” crampons.

Who is going to stop adidas this week? Once again, the German brand is speaking out and for good reason. After unveiling a lot of national team jerseys under contract, it’s yet another reissue of the legendary Predator Acclererator that adidas has just presented. A new limited edition which confirms that the Predator Accelerator is the most iconic pair in adidas history.

When the past meets the present

For several months, adidas has not stopped releasing limited editions where the past meets the present. We remember for example the reissue of the f50 or David Beckham’s Predator Mania. But this time the brand with the three stripes goes even further by offering a new reissue of the Predator Accelarator from 1998 but in a color called Hyperlative and which takes the same design as the last Superlative pack released in early January and which had notably seen land …. the new Predator Freak. Should we see a pun where adidas places this Predator Accelerator above its other silos? In any case, it is interesting to note that it is again the Accelerator version that is in the spotlight of the adidas design teams.

In terms of technology, the shoe is identical to the other reissues since we find kangaroo leather on the upper. A material that is accompanied by rubber reinforcements on the strike zone. To enlarge this same area, the lacing is offset and the legendary folded tongue hides the laces. A real throwback for shoe lovers!

But we repeat, what will hold our attention the most is certainly the fact that the shoe complements a pack that has already existed for more than weeks! The question that we can then ask is simple: Will adidas develop a new football boot offer and make a place in the long term for this Predator Accelarator? Or is it just another marketing stunt from the German brand that is banking on the ease of using one of football’s most iconic pairs? One thing is certain it will be necessary to have strong backs to acquire this pair, which sells for around 350 €!