Adidas Predator Mutator Black Silver 20.1 FG/AG

Adidas Predator Mutator Black Silver 20.1 FG/AG

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adidas predator mutator black silver test and review

adidas predator mutator black silver 20.1 FG/AG

Hello and welcome to a new article!

Today we’ll be testing the new Adidas PREDATOR 20.1 Mutator black silver. This football boot has spikes on its upper!

This shoe has even more than 200 spikes on the upper material. If this helps the grip, you’ll see it in this article! Have fun!

adidas predator mutator black silver: Review

Let’s start with the comfort and fit! Here the shoe is only a bit better than the average. It is especially at the beginning pretty uncomfortable and it needs 2-3 hours to fit. The general fit is also a little strange, I had to buy the shoe in one size smaller as I do normally.

I can only agree there, especially in the middle of the feet. The shoe is simply too tight and small. That even led to pain in my feet in the first phase of wearing them.

But as Konzi said already as well, after 3-4 hours the shoes fit well.

Generally, I would say that they made the shoe for middle big feet although the fit is generally unproportional. Apart from that, it is really good that the thin middle feet avoid. In terms of the ball feeling and the touch, this shoe deserves almost all the points!

The only negative thing is that the shoe is a little too wide at the front, which is not perfect for the ball control. As we’ve already told you, the most special thing about this shoe is the more than 200 spikes for excellent grip! That has also worked out great! The first touch is awesome through this feature.

Additionally, there is a perfect grip for free kicks and you’re able to give the ball the perfect curve. In the category of quality; this shoe, as almost every other Adidas shoe could convince us for sure. The only negative thing is that those spikes do already start to remove. How this develops in the future is something we need to look at closer in the next weeks. Important to say is that we have played on the artificial grass and it took 10 hours until this started.

Maybe only the most demanded spikes will remove, but we don’t know that after this time. More information about the long-term test you’ll find on Instagram then!

Apart from that everything has been processed perfectly and therefore the quality is superb!

Let’s get to the conclusion now!

Compared to Predator 18 and 19 which I didn’t like that much, this one is a great shoe! The main reason for that is the spikes which give the shoe a great grip and ball control. The biggest problem is the nonproportional fit of this shoe, as you can see here. Therefore, it is not so easy to find the right size and the shoe doesn’t fit all feet types. Therefore, I, as a predator fanboy, give 9/10 points for this shoe!

Although I am not a fanboy, I also have to admit that it is a great shoe and thus also gives 9/10!

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