Adidas Predator Freak + soccer cleats review and review

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I think I have a vague idea of ​​what you think when you see the new collar of this adidas Predator Freak +, and I have to admit that I too was quite surprised by this new very evasive shape. But it’s like when your wife changes her hairstyle, you get used to it, and I’ve even gotten used to it pretty well even though I think I’ve been influenced by the benefits it brings. We meet in the comfort part to talk about it in more detail.

More generally, I am very seduced by the design of the pair. I appreciate the new distribution of the Demonskin technology, more spaced, with larger but fewer pins. But what I especially like is the return of the three stripes on both sides of the shoe, on the outside and on the inside. These wrap around the sides to disappear on the sole, making reference to the Predator Accelerator, Precision and Mania. Simply sublime.


This was where the Predator needed to improve the most in my opinion. In the previous version, it was barely if I could fit my foot inside the shoe, and even once inside, I felt too cramped. In addition, the collar went very high on the back of the leg which was not necessarily pleasant.

And as if by magic, all these faults, or almost, all disappeared. The big innovation from a comfort point of view is the new hybrid collar, high at the back, low at the front. First, it greatly facilitates putting on the shoe, no need for a shoehorn as was the case for me with the majority of slip-on shoes developed by adidas so far. The rear part, with its evasive shape, allows a more natural and discreet extension of the shoe on the leg. When on the previous version, this high collar came to rest unpleasantly on the leg, this is no longer the case here.

For the rest of the shoe, the Primeknit coating is flexible and adapts well to the shape of the foot. However, some adaptation time is necessary so that the shoe conforms completely to the shape of the foot, especially in the midfoot.

To touch

In terms of ball touch, the feel is similar to what you could have with the Predator 20, but it’s even better. It’s a pretty special feeling, but you really feel confident. The grip is very effective which allows you to always keep control of the ball.

Concerning the Demonskin, it is more extended on the pair, and the fins are less numerous, 225 against 406 on the Predator 20+, but larger and longer. It makes the touch more natural, more flexible. With this model, I no longer have this “fear” of “walking” on the ball because of the grip that is too pronounced. As for what will be strikes, passes, crosses etc. adidas’ promise is kept. We really feel that the Demonskin has a greater influence than another shoe on ball trajectories than another shoe. But let’s be realistic, that’s not what will make you a better player.


First important thing on this point, the maintenance is impeccable, nothing to complain about at this level. In terms of the sole, the Predator Freak benefits from an evolved version of the ControlFrame sole. A new, lighter version guaranteeing good grip and good stability when changing direction.

On the other hand, I still felt a little discomfort on the plate before that I had the impression of feeling with the outside of my foot. A feeling that has all the same disappeared over time.


Regarding durability, I think the maintenance of the pair will be relatively straightforward. A damp sponge will be enough to clean the pair properly. Be careful, however, not to be too abrupt, this could have the effect of dropping the pins. After a few uses, we noticed that one or two of them fell on the outside of the foot.

Quality / price ratio

To buy the new adidas Predator Freak in this laceless version, count 280 €. We therefore remain within the average price of high-end shoes developed by the two market leaders, Nike and adidas. We agree, it stings a bit. Even if the Predator is a really very interesting shoe, I would rather advise you to wait until you find a promotional offer, you can easily find it and this very quickly, as soon as new colors are released or during sales.


I was very impressed by the adidas Predator Freak + both in terms of design and performance. It’s been a long time since I had been so hyped, conquered by a pair of Predators and I must admit that it feels good. Like the Mercurial, it is a historic, iconic model, a model that we want to play with. I was sad not to find myself in the latest Predator models, this problem is now solved. I highly recommend.

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