Adidas Copa 19+ Football Cleats Review

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Adidas Copa 19+ Football Cleats Review

Features and Benefits of the Adidas Copa 19+

Adidas Primeknit Necklace

Adidas Copa 19+ Football Cleats Review

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Primeknit collar – or sock, if you will – is without a doubt the most notable feature of the Copa 19+ football boots. Instead of the classic laces, Adidas equipped the Copa 19+ with its elastic Primeknit collar.

And what did this allow them to achieve? A tight, glove-like fit.

Now, the Primeknit collar is not the only component in these cleats that makes them comfortable. But it is a pretty big factor.

The collar is tight, and not that easy to get your foot in. But once you put the clips on, you feel how the elastic fabric embraces your ankles. Probably no kind of laced football clothes will ever reach such a level of comfort. Weak ankles can be beneficial from such a tight collar and feel much more secure surrounded than open. Recover, especially after ankle injury.

Probably the Primeknit collar will not give you as much locking as the laces. This is likely to be true for some people, but not everyone needs their ankles to be gripped by the collar.

Soft K-leather upper

The seamlessly made K-leather upper in Copa 19+ football shoes is the second, possibly the most important contributor to the comfort of the cleats.

Made in one piece, the top has no solid stains in it. It is not elastic, but its softness allows you to embrace your foot and fit like a glove. Despite that, my wide leg players can carry the new 19+ cup. Thus, it perfectly complements the firm touch of the Primeknit collar.

The K-leather upper is also quite thin, which allows for a closer feel of the ball. The structure of the upper gives you increased control over the ball.

The top ribbed surface also makes the ball look sleek and simply cool. These ribs can cause some discrepancies in the ball feel. A smoother surface would probably be better.

The leather is also treated in Adidas’ Fusionskin, which reduces water absorption, although it does not make the cleats completely waterproof.

Grippy and supportive FG outsole

Adidas Copa 19+ outsole

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The outsole of Copa 19+ football supports has a rather aggressive blade-stud design. Such studs, if you did not know it, provide increased traction when maneuvering or dribbling.

As for the Copa 19+, they will provide a good balance between the support of round buds and the traction of leaf buds.

The FG outsole in these cleats has TPU Soft Pod padded inserts at the key pressure points on the foot. In terms of support and traction, the outsole is great, but one thing that many people did not quite like in them is that they feel too bulky for the overall feel of the shoe.

Social proof

Every football player will experience football bricks differently, so it is certainly helpful to check other people’s opinions to get a better picture. We have done this with Copa 19+ football shoes, as with all clips we make a review of.

Overall, this football boots have won football players all over the world with its tight fit, lightness and feel of the ball. Conversely, some people complained the cleats do not have as good-looking as lace-up shoes, or that they feel larger than expected.

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