AC Milan star Ibrahimovic decided to retire in the summer, only to change his mind

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The forward has been in impressive form this season, helping his team to a surprise lead earlier in the season in Serie A.

AC Milan forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic has admitted that he decided to retire in the summer, only to change his mind and sign with the Rossoneri for one more season.

Ibrahimovic has proven himself once again to be perennial this season, as the 39-year-old has scored 11 goals in 10 total appearances for Milan.

The Swede’s form has helped Milan achieve a surprising lead at the start of the season at the top of the Serie A table, five points clear of their city rivals Inter in second place. .

“The team is hungry, they are wanting,” Ibrahimovic said in an interview with former Milan teammate Massimo Ambrosini at Sky Sport Italia.

“We are doing well. We must not have dreams or goals, but play one game at a time. Or rather, I have a goal. But the team must do their best, because they are very young.”

“Now we can’t relax. Everyone only remembers the last game.”

After leaving the LA Galaxy at the end of the 2019 MLS season, Ibrahimovic chose to return to Milan seven years after leaving the club, saying he was eager for the challenge of turning the Rossoneri’s fortunes around.

“Instead of reaching a team that is already on top, it’s better to bring them back to the top,” Ibrahimovic said. “If I had been afraid, I would not have signed. As in [Manchester] United, they told me that I just had to lose, that I was too old.

“Ten years ago I had another status, another ego. But today I have more experience. When you are young you are more rock ‘n’ roll, now I understand situations more.”

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After spending half a season with Milan, Ibrahimovic said he was at a crossroads this summer. After initially deciding to retire, the veteran ultimately decided to reverse that decision and sign another one-year contract with the club.

“[Milan manager Stefano] Pioli asked me what I wanted to do. I replied, ‘No, I will not continue. Enough. My family is also important, I am here alone, it is a sacrifice. Six months is fine, but I don’t want to stay another year. ‘

“Pioli told me: ‘Okay, I respect you, it’s okay.’

“The next day we spoke again: ‘No, I have decided to retire. Forget the contract, at this age it is not important. ‘

“Then something changed. I did not want to regret it. I called Milan and decided to continue. But at first I decided: ‘No, I will not stay next year.

“Already at United I was thinking of leaving. I was 35, 36 years old.”

Ibrahimovic revealed that the knee injury that put his United career in jeopardy in 2017, followed by his rehabilitation and comeback, convinced him that he should play as long as possible.

“After the injury, I told myself that I should continue as long as I could hold out,” Ibrahimovic said. “Without football, who am I? When you don’t do what you’ve done for 25 years, it’s not easy. Am I ready? No, because I feel too good.”


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