Aaron Rodgers’ new girlfriend Blu denies allegations that she is a witch

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Aaron Rodgers has reportedly found a new boyfriend, Blu, but she would like to set the record for some rumors that immediately began circulating.

If you thought the perceived results of Aaron Rodgers’ now-kaput relationship with Shailene Woodley were wild for a back-to-back NFL MVP, then go ahead and brace for his latest love interest.

On Thursday, reports began pouring in that Rodgers was now dating a woman named Blu. The rumor mill then began to turn furious that she not only went after “Blu of Earth”, but that she also identified herself as a witch and healer.

Naturally, this type of news feels like social media and the internet as a whole are going crazy with jokes, a large number of questions and so on. However, Blu took to social media on Thursday night to set the record for who she is and what she’s about – namely that she’s not a witch.

Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend Blu makes it clear that she’s not a witch

Blu went to Instagram to clear up some things. First, her name is just Blu, and the “of the Earth” part is simply part of her social media handle. More importantly, though, she mocked the notion that she was a witch, and denied so much.

Now that we’ve cleaned it up, though, it’s worth noting that Blu still seems to be a rather enigmatic presence.

She is the founder of Florescence, a company she describes as a “modern mystery school for women to recapture the magical, radically authentic, clever, wild, apologetic you” on her Instagram page, while also hosting a podcast .

As for Rodgers, he has yet to confirm, reject, or externally talk about these new reports about his love life. But in order for Blu to go on its page on social media to provide facts, you have to believe that there is something true in it.

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