Aaron Rodgers could lose man ball if the bet with Charles Barkley goes wrong

Russell Wilson's MVP a guarante...
Russell Wilson's MVP a guarantee?

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Aaron Rodgers put his man’s ball at stake in a bet with Charles Barkley at the American Century Championship golf tournament for celebrities.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a sight to behold on the football field. But when he takes off his helmet, his man’s bun is not.

Charles Barkley has been a vocal critic of QB’s chosen hairstyle. Now he has a chance to do something about it.

He should just beat Rodgers on links, according to USA Today.

Aaron Rodgers could lose man ball if the bet with Charles Barkley goes wrong

The effort is simple. Barkley must finish higher than Rodgers in the tournament at the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in Nevada. Then the sports world gets rid of the infamous Rodgers man bun.

Ruben? Barkley is notoriously bad at golf, while Rodgers is pretty good. Last year, the Packers QB finished in the Top 20, just having had each of the last five years. Barkley, meanwhile, finished as number 76 in 2021. It was one of his better finishes.

If he loses, Barkley will have to donate $ 25,000 to the North Valley Community Foundation, Rodger’s favorite charity.

Fortunately for the foundation and unfortunately for those who want to see Rodgers get cut already, it seems almost certain that the money will be donated and the man ball remains.

Barkley certainly seems to accept that fact.

“Just because you’re too cheap to cut your hair, you can not make it a style. Man, here’s $ 25. Go down to Fantastic Sam’s and get that thing cut off the back of your head. Just because you do not cut your hair, it is not a style, ”Barkley said during a promotion event for the tournament. “But Aaron is a much better golfer than me, but I will gladly make a donation to his charity.”

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