A wolf on Adama Traoré’s crampons

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For several weeks, Adama Traoré has been playing with full black crampons, but has just unveiled a personalized pair now.

Almost two months ago, we told you the story of Adama Traoré and his personalization of crampons in an emergency. Using completely black shoes since the beginning of November and therefore without the slightest presence of the Nike comma on the pair of Mercurial Vapor 13 at his feet, the Wolverhampton player has now acquired a new pair of crampons. A pair personalized according to his desires… but always entirely black and free of any sponsor.

Already behind Ismaila Sarr’s crampons

Used for the first time on the occasion of the match between Brighton and Wolverhampton on Saturday 2 January, this unique pair of crampons was designed by Jordan Dawson, an English artist specializing in the customization of sneakers. Like many other artists that we now know well on footpack, Jordan Dawson is now in demand by footballers and has just designed a new pair for a football player. Indeed, it is already he who was behind the pair of Nike Mercurial Dream Speed ​​003 worn by Ismaila Sarr and adorned with the flag of Senegal on the back.

Taking the pair of Mercurial Vapor 13 full black which had been expressly unearthed by Bw Boots UK and tinted black by the specialist of the genre, Tootboots, Dawson therefore imagined a pair for Adama Traoré. Far from Sarr’s pair, Wolves Wolverhampton’s crampons feature a wolf on the inside of the pair. A wink and a tribute to the club where he really exploded in comparison to his times at Barça, Aston Villa and Middlesbrough. On the outer flank, we find the word “Beast” on the right pair which obviously alludes to this nickname of “beast” due to its exceptional musculature compared to other footballers. On the left pair, however, the term “it’s a process” appears on the outer flank. It remains to be seen whether the Spanish international will continue to play with a full black pair for the next few weeks or if he will finally postpone the colors of the American brand.

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