7 of the weirdest items available at the Tottenham store

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It’s been a strange few days in the Tottenham Hotspur Store.

New products have been popping up on the left, right and center, and for each item, there have been around 10,000 memes circulating on Twitter. Fans can’t get enough of all of this, but maybe not for the right reasons.

Let’s see what all the fuss is about.

Hang this on your wall to remind you of the fact that the Spurs made it to the final of the cup competition. Really cares about.

Be sure to save room for another if the Spurs go all the way and win it!

Get yours here for £ 12.00

Okay, a couple of things here …

1) This is horrible.

2) “Tottenham will do it again” … The trophy cabinet has not been touched since 2008.

3) White Hart Lane is gone.

4) This is horrible.

Get yours here for £ 20.00

If you want a 4-foot reminder of how disastrous Gareth Bale’s return on loan to the Spurs has been watching you as you sleep, here you go.

Get yours here for £ 20.00

Have you ever wished your sleep paralysis demon sold merchandise?

Get yours here for £ 24.99

Celebrate Franck Ribery’s time at Spurs with this exclusive new doll!

Get yours here for £ 24.99

Described as a ‘love doll’ (that’s bad enough), get your own personalized version of these beautiful creatures.

It’ll probably only be good for a joke, but hey, I’m not here to judge what you do in your spare time. You do it.

Get yours here for £ 29.99

You’ll make everyone jealous when they see you sipping from this Carabao Cup finalists mug … though maybe flip it the other way to make sure no one sees it.

Get yours here for £ 8.00

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