£ 7.2m wasted: Sunderland’s chaotic failure has bled Short and Donald for 4 years – opinion

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Considering that Sunderland is just six points from first place right now, I wouldn’t have thought there would be so much toxicity around the Stadium of Light.

Yet such is the ruthless nature of this fanbase that they are rarely satisfied.

Nor can you blame the fans. They have been through all of this in recent years. Whether it’s back-to-back descents, losing a final, or spending money where it wasn’t necessary, it’s been a hell of a ride in the Northeast.

The latest hit in a reverse affair came just a few days ago. Sunderland fired Phil Parkinson and is now looking for a new coach. At the same time, Stewart Donald is trying to close a deal to sell the club to Juan Sartori and Kyril Louis-Dreyfus.

Clearly, he is a very busy man.

Some of Donald’s decisions at Sunderland have been particularly alarming. By signing Will Grigg for £ 4 million, it has been a great waste of money. The former Wigan forward just scored eight times and still haven’t found the bottom of the net in 2020/21.

Another player who hasn’t scored in the league this season is Danny Graham, someone who was signed for a second season in a free transfer. Evidently, Donald has learned nothing from the catastrophe that occurred during Ellis Short’s reign.

How many goals will Graham score this season?









Little spent £ 5 million up front and didn’t get much for his money. With a salary of £ 30k a week during his first season, which included several loan deals, he cost the club 6.56 million pounds.

Now in his second stint with the Mackems, by the time his one-year contract expires next summer, it will have cost Sunderland a total of £ 7.28 million.

If you’re looking for a bigger breakdown, that’s a colossal £ 3.6 million for every goal he scored for the Black Cats.

It has been impressive in front of the goal and since only 54 starts in rojiblanco, it has two goals to his name. Simply put, Graham is not the man to fire Sunderland for promotion.

The 35-year-old has proven twice that he doesn’t have what it takes to play for the Black Cats and it’s worrying that Donald thought he was good enough.

After all, this is a man who also had serious attitude problems when he first signed in 2013. In a interview Earlier this year, he talked about how players regularly drank and even got drunk in the first hours before a training session.

Graham is wiser now, of course, but clearly it hasn’t been worth the fees and salaries paid in separate periods.

Donald should have thought a little more before signing him again. He has looted the pockets of two owners.

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