3 worst moves in the 2022 offseason

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La’el Collins, Dallas Cowboys. Mandatory Credit: Matt Blewett-USA TODAY Sports

After winning the NFC East and disappointing in the playoffs, the Dallas Cowboys offseason has featured several moves that do not inspire confidence.

On the heels of a 12-5 season that ultimately ended with a downturn in the playoffs, the hope among fans – and almost certainly in the organization otherwise – was that the Dallas Cowboys would build on the foundation they laid with a healthy Dak. Prescott, a talented offensive and a drastically improved defense.

Unfortunately, the 2022 offseason has not done much to promote this optimism. Between the many key players who are no longer in the building and a draft class that is fine, but certainly not great based on a gut reaction, the Cowboys’ offseason has been one of the most criticized in the league.

But as we get ready to enter the summer months, let’s look back at the biggest mistakes the organization made with the worst moves Dallas made in the 2022 low season.

The Cowboys’ worst move in the 2022 offseason

Release La’el Collins and replace him inadequately

Amid a series of cost-saving moves the Cowboys were forced to make during the high season, one of them was the release of last year’s right-back tackle La’el Collins. He went on to sign with the Cincinnati Bengals. As for Dallas, they are ready to move their backup, who replaced Collins during a suspension last season, Terrence Steele, to the full-time starting role.

At the most basic level, Collins is just a superior player compared to Steele, even with the improvements the latter made in the 2021 campaign. The front office has long mismanaged large contracts, which led them to feel that they should be separated from Collins and actually downgrade on the right book support of the offensive line.

Provided Steele continues to improve, the two tackle spots should be fine for the club in the 2022 season. The problem arises, however, that they now have insufficient depth on the position. Of course, the team hit Tyler Smith out of Tulsa in the first round, but he is slated to replace Connor Williams, who also left this offseason, on the left guard.

Outside of Smith, the club has Matt Waletzko in the fifth round in 2022 and Josh Ball from the fourth round in 2021 as backup tacklers. For a team that has long been invested in running the ball and that should definitely keep Dak Prescott healthy, it’s hard not to look at the shuffling on the O-line as a net negative, starting with feeling compelled to drop Collins.

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