3 Tony Pollard trades destinations if the Cowboys choose to keep Ezekiel Elliott

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Tony Pollard, Dallas Cowboys. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Pollard has proven to be a potential star at the Cowboys, but if Dallas stays with Ezekiel Elliott, then where could they trade the young RB?

It certainly looks like the Dallas Cowboys are heading for a crossroads with their backyard. Ezekiel Elliott stays under contract for a while, and honestly, it is not soon that they can get out of that deal with the way it is structured. But in the meantime, Tony Pollard has emerged as a dynamic, dangerous playmaker.

Given that Pollard is younger, has less mileage on the tires and seems to be just better right now – although Elliott has admittedly played his way through injuries in the last few weeks – it would make sense if the Cowboys switched to Pollard as lead back .

But if Jerry Jones and the organization want to remain committed to Elliott, then they would be almost foolish to let a player with Pollard’s talent and intrigue waste away as a backup when he could offer much more value to Dallas in the trading market.

If that’s the direction the team went, where could Tony Pollard land? These three teams would make sense.

Cowboys: 3 Tony Pollard swapping destinations if Dallas stays with Ezekiel Elliott

3. Atlanta Falcons

While first-year head coach Arthur Smith appears to be the only person in the NFL who has ever figured out how to finally use Cordarrelle Patterson, the thing is, the Falcons offense lacks a true running back.

Patterson appeared in the Atlanta offense because free agent acquisition Mike Davis proved ineffective as the leading ball carrier for this team, nor are there any young options waiting for their turn on the list. As such, Pollard could be a potential asset.

The only issue the Falcons are adding a player like Pollard would be if Atlanta plans to start a full-scale rebuild sometime soon, which could mean the franchise does not want to part with any draft picks in trades. But if they try to keep going, then the Cowboys running back should be on their radar.

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