11 Rangers points: what went wrong for Celtic?

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Celtic had entered this season with the goal of their 10th consecutive league title. However, an inconsistent start leaves them with a staggering eleven points on the SPL table behind fierce rivals, the Rangers. Neil Lennon has promised that he can turn it around, but he is under increasing scrutiny from fans.

The club has had players break quarantine breaks, experienced a league cup exit, and fans protested with missiles. It has been a catastrophic start to the season. But what really adds salt to Celtic’s wounds is the success Gerrard’s Rangers have been experiencing along the way.

So with fan feedback, what went wrong at Celtic Park this season?

Neil Lennon has enjoyed significant success as Celtic’s manager, winning a full catalog of trophies in two terms at the club. Celtic fans demand success and it looks like Celtic could have a hard time achieving it this year. Last season, some fans praised Lennon for reliving Celtic’s season. However, this season, most have called him incompetent.

It’s worth saying that the hatred and vile abuse Lennon has suffered from some fans should not be tolerated under any circumstances. However, Lennon has made mistakes in the transfer market and on the field this season and at a club like Celtic, all mistakes are amplified. Celtic have been mistreated in the Europa League, they are eleven points behind Rangers and are already out of the league cup.

One fan described Celtic’s ‘path of mediocrity’ from when Neil Lennon took over. He also went on to say that he felt the only option was to go to the stadium and protest. Following the protests, the club publicly endorsed Lennon, leaving this fan feeling “betrayed” by his club.

Celtic fans are not known for being patient and their league game tomorrow could be Lennon’s most crucial of his career. But even if Celtic beat St. Johnstone, the fans are clear: they want him to leave.

Celtic fans have created such a frenzy over the prospect of winning 10 Scottish league titles; that could be having an adverse effect on the club. A fan elaborated on this and revealed how it feels.

“I think from the preseason we could see that the players were affected by the pressure of achieving ten in a row in the distance.”

“The players have not sought speed with our opponents this season. I honestly think Lennon has lost his wardrobe. Without passion, without fire, without desire. There is no plan B when we are losing and that cost us a lot. We need better defenders and a better goalkeeper, but not everyone is to blame.

“I think that we, the fans, have put a bad posture this season, aiming more for what will happen at the end of the season than what will happen now.”

“In my opinion, the players have been affected by what is at stake, especially this season and after a couple of losses we seem to almost panic. We have to start taking it match by match and stop thinking about 10. ‘

“However, the fans have a role to play in the chaos after our cup loss to Ross County, having to get the players out of the stadium is totally unacceptable and not great for helping the players.”

A very candid explanation from that fan of what they think is going wrong at Celtic Park this season. Whether that is the reason Celtic are fighting or not, there is no question that Celtic need to start taking things game by game.

It was clear in the summer that not re-signing Fraser Forster was going to be a serious blow for Celtic, but in reality it is turning out to be a real calamity.

Celtic desperately needed a goalkeeper, so they made a risky move and signed Vasilis Barkas. The play was considered risky not because of the goalkeeper’s talent, but because he, at 26, had played just 80 league games.

The bet has not been worth it for Celtic

The real problem with the Greek goalkeeper is that he seems unable to stop the shots, so you fear the worst every time the opponent approaches the shooting range. It’s not the only problem for Celtic, but it’s fair to say that Celtic fans have had enough of him.

Here are just some of the most polite opinions from Celtic fans about the goalkeeper:

“I think if I had a big pair of gloves I could challenge Barkas for the Celtic goalkeeper position. I’m in my 50s.

‘It’s awful’

‘Genuine question, can anyone remember that Barkas ever made a save?’

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